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Indoor commercial playground equipment

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Ərizə shopping mall, hotel, super market, community park,Restaurant.

Commercial indoor soft playground the projects are including the
Reading house(private space for reading), building block area(let the imagination fly), sand pot(free play), ball pool, cosplay in supermarket to learn basic knowledge of daily life.
Material specification
Environmentally friendly boards
High-quality wood panels, with good flexibility and toughness, high density is not easy to deformation

Sinklənmiş polad boru
Diameter of 48mm/2mm galvanized steel pipe, rust and corrosion resistant, strong and durable, long service life
PVC wrapped tube
Using high-quality PVC + pearl cotton wrapped tube, with bright colors, heat and cold resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics

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Environmentally friendly materials of glass fiber reinforced plastic / plastic material, strong and wear-resistant, strong load-bearing performance, in line with international standards
The interior is multi-layer wood board with thickness of over 2cm, foam cotton is wrapped in the middle, and the exterior PVC skin is woven with warp and weft, which has high strength
and good safety protection performance.
Platform soft package
High-density foam EVA sponge, thickness of more than 6mm, Plato leather, wear-resistant and not easy to wrinkle and break, with certain flame retardant properties
Ocean ball
Thickened ocean ball diameter 8cm, weight about 10g, long time not deflated, through the testing certification
Protection net
High strength nylon rope machine weaving, high strength, good safety protection performance
Döşəmə həsirləri
High-density EVA foam sponge, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, safe and environmentally friendly

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